Some production to move to Asia, says firm

Cycleurope to close Denmark factory

Cycleurope is cutting the number of its factories on the continent, according to this story on BikeEurope.

The Denmark production site is to be closed, leaving four other sites in Europe in France, Italy and Sweden. Business from the Denmark site will go to the factories in Romilly, France and Varberg, Sweden and also to factories in Asia.

The firm, headquartered in Stockholm and Varberg, Sweden, is reported to be closing the Denmark facility this year.

In a letter to suppliers last week, Cycleurope president and CEO Tony Grimaldi, said: “To meet the increasing competition on the bicycle market, we will close our Kildemoes facility in Denmark. The production in Denmark will be moved to our factories in Romilly, France, and Varberg, Sweden, We will also outsource some volumes to Asia.”

“Our new strategy enables us to rationalise the production and to offer more competitive products in the future. The first step is to concentrate our e-Bike production in France while Sweden will focus on the development of the classic and city bike segments.”

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