According to an article in Novembers Bike Europe, Cycleurope is to take its Peugeot brand away from the high-end road market and promote only Bianchi in that role. This mirrors Raleighs decision to position Diamondback and not Raleigh, as the race and enthusiasts brand

Cycleurope does a Raleigh/Diamondback

And just as Raleigh now has no race team for the first time in decades Peugeot bikes will not be supplied to any pro teams in 2001 even though Peugeot bikes have been used by pro riders since 1884.

Bike Europe reports that Peugeot as a bike brand may disappear completely because Cycleurope has to pay Peugeot, the car company, a royalty for use of the brand name. With Bianchi being positioned as Cycleuropes race brand, the Peugeot name licensed to Cycleurope until 2004 may eventually be jettisoned on the grounds of cost.

Cycleurope is the second biggest of the three bike groups operating in Europe. Derby is the biggest, and Accell is third. Only Cycleurope is believed to be cash-rich.

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