Billing it as a "template" to other government Cycle to Work scheme contracts, IBD-centric Cyclescheme wins CLG tender

Cyclescheme wins key government contract

Earlier this year, the Department of Communities and Local Government (CLG) placed a tender on industry-owned for a third-party Cycle to Work scheme facilitator.

This tender has just been won by Cyclescheme, the facilitator with 1300 local bike shop members.

In a statement, Cyclescheme said winning the contract "effectively templates [our] provision throughout the UK."

The wins means Cyclescheme members will be able to pitch for Cycle to Work contracts from government departments and their agencies; non-departmental public bodies; local authorities; police authorities; fire authorities and educational establishments.

Gary Cooper, co-Director of Cyclescheme, said: "This is fantastic news and is a great reward for all our efforts. It will save thousands of pounds of man-hours being an open tender and can be used by any applicable government body considering a Cycle to Work scheme."

Cyclescheme works exclusively with IBDs. Services to employers are provided free-of-charge including secure access to a voucher management site, expert advice and scheme marketing.

Cyclescheme currently work with 85 councils, 26 fire and rescue authorities and 18 police authorities.

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