80 per cent of the total number of Cytech stores in the UK are part of the Cyclescheme network

Cyclescheme gets behind Cytech-trained bike shops

Cyclescheme has released a statement about the importance of having bikes properly set up by trained cycle shop mechanics.

The cycle to work provider currently works with over 1,800 independent bicycle retailers in the UK. 80 per cent of the total number of Cytech stores in the UK are part of the Cyclescheme network.

Cyclescheme said a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is provided as standard on all Cyclescheme bikes, carried out by a qualified Cytech mechanic ensures a bike is set-up safely and correctly. Without a recognised PDI, there is no guarantee that a bike has been properly tested and safety-checked before it leaves the shop, Cyclescheme added.

"Ongoing maintenance of a bike is crucial too. Experts recommend that bicycles that are regularly used for commuting should be professionally serviced by a Cytech trained mechanic on a six monthly basis to ensure the bicycle functions properly."

Dan Joyce, editor of CTC magazine Cycle, commented: “Getting your bike fixed shouldn’t be a lottery. You wouldn’t get your car or central heating fixed without checking that the repairman was qualified. Bikes should be the same, as a badly maintained bike can be inefficient, uncomfortable, and even dangerous.

"Cytech is a benchmark cycle maintenance qualification because it’s the industry standard course, backed by the Association of Cycle Traders. CTC recognises it too: CTC’s Cycle Trainer Award requires that anyone working towards it can demonstrate Level 2 Cytech skills, and CTC’s Cycle Hire Code recommends that bike hire fleets are looked after by a Cytech-qualified mechanic."

Cyclescheme added: "Cyclescheme is proud to be at the forefront of this employee benefit and works hard to ensure every Cyclescheme participant receives the highest level of service to make sure their commute to work is as safe and comfortable as possible."

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