In a move that's entirely sensible considering that bicycles, in law, are vehicles, the Conservative Party is to table an amendment to the government’s Road Safety Bill to make cyclists liable to the same £60 mobile-phone fine as motorists. Boris Johnson MP will not be best pleased...

Cycles and cellphones do not mix, argue Tories

Shadow transport secretary Tim Yeo said:

“It is completely inconsistent to say that a cyclist can use their mobile but a driver can’t. Distracted cyclists can injure themselves and pedestrians.”

And, worse, fall under the wheels of juggernauts. Clearly, cycling while cell-phoning is a big no-no.

But cycling MP Boris Johnson, recently sacked from the Tory front bench for ‘lying’, could argue against the amendment.

Two years ago he wrote: “Just as I will never vote to ban hunting, so I will never vote to abolish the free-born Englishman’s time-hallowed and immemorial custom, dating back as far as 1990 or so, of cycling while talking on a mobile.

“Among the many political tasks I have set myself is to prevent the practice from ever being outlawed by Parliament.”

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