Tricycles, tandems, circus bikes, rickshaws, Penny Farthings and vintage bicycles up for grabs

Cyclemagic closing down sale set for September

Leicester’s Cyclemagic is to dispose of its unique collection of bicycles and pedal powered machines at it’s Friday Street premises on Saturday September 15th.

From teaching Olympic gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy to ride a Penny Farthing, to setting up bike recycling projects and organising Spokesfest Cycling Festivals, Cyclemagic’s remit including helping people with special needs to enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Commenting on the closure of Cyclemagic, announced last month, the organisation said in a statement: "It is with sadness that we announce Cyclemagic is to close its Friday Street doors for the final time. After thirteen years of working together and a total of 45 years spent promoting cycling in Leicester, the growing level of local bureaucracy has overwhelmed our enjoyment of running the organisation."

Next month’s closing down sale will include tricycles, tandems, circus bikes, rickshaws, Penny Farthings and vintage bicycles dating back to 1900.

Co-founder and director Roger Lovell said “We’ve decided to let the collection go as we feel it would be better for the machines to be used and enjoyed rather than put in to storage.

"It will be sad to see them go but we have made the decision to move on. It won’t just be unusual bikes for sale, as well as our recycled bikes we have a huge stock of old parts and accessories. If someone is looking for a 56-inch Penny Farthing wheel rim, we can probably help them out!”

There will also be a bike ride and picnic on the following day, open to Cyclemagic’s friends and supporters, as well as enthusiasts and collectors.

The sale begins at 10am and the Sunday bike ride leaves from Cyclemagic at 11am.

There will be more updates at Earlier this year Cyclemagic brought the Peregrine Bike, last made 100 years ago, back into production.

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