Got a bike with a horizontal top-tube? It’ll fit on Cyclehoop’s new Bikeshelf.

Cyclehoop release Bikeshelf for storing/locking bikes indoors

Cycle rack company Cyclehoop of London – designer of the car-shaped outdoor bike parking stand and the minimalist utility pole affixing hoop – has introduced the Bikeshelf, a powder-coated steel storage shelf. A bike can also be locked to the Bikeshelf.

The Bikeshelf is Cyclehoop’s first indoor product.

Cyclehoop MD, designer Anthony Lau said:

“Applying our experience in bicycle parking design, we wanted to create a simple and practical bike rack that had multiple functions.”

The made-in-the-UK Bikeshelf is laser cut and folded from a single sheet of steel. It features hooks to hang a bag. Tools, keys, lights and gloves can be placed on the lower shelf and the upper shelf holds a helmet or can be used to hold a potted plant, as per a publicity photo.

A rubber lining protects the bike frame from being scratched and a locking hole allows the bicycle to be locked to the Bikeshelf for extra security.

Available in white, dark grey and orange, the Bikeshelf costs £99.

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