International Cyclefit Symposium to be held in London come January

Cyclefit launches bike fitting event

Cyclefit has announced a two day event set for London’s Design Centre in January, dedicated to new developments in precision fitting, the science and medical benefits and education.

The International Cyclefit Symposium is described as a ‘forum into the relationship between body and bicycle’. The specialist is inviting experts from the medical community, bike fitting practitioners, coaches and trainers, the academic community, manufacturers and athletes.

At the close of each day there will be a demonstration and participation event led by an experience technician. Guest speakers from around the globe are planned, with the following pencilled in:

Graham Anderson – Balance Physiotherapy on bike fitting – art, science or nonsense?
Dr Jeff Broker – University of Colorado Springs on Pedalling Kinesiology
Keith Bontrager – Bontrager/Trek – The Myth of K.O.P.S
Phil Burt – British Cycling/Team Sky – Elite bike fitting & Injuries
Todd Carver – Retul – Motion based descriptors of dynamic bike fitting
Alberto Fonte – Fizik – Saddle design and spine concept
Jon Irriberi – Custom 4 us – Iinverse rotation of plevis
Paraic McGlynn – Faster – Biomechanics, Biometrics and Drag – the cyclists balancing act
Dr Nigel Stephens – Consultant cardiologist – Cycling versus the human heart
Dr Katrina Vogel – Bike Fit – Pelvic asymmetry and cyclists

To register for the Symposium, click here. Tickets cost £500 and grant access to the full two days of workshops and lectures and will automatically register you on post-show newsletters and information.

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