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Cycle Show: Moore Large, Kiddimoto, 50 Cycles, Velotech, Fisher Outdoors and Upgrade

Moore Large
Dazzling many fresh into the NEC with a demonstration involving a bowling ball and a packet of M&Ms, Moore Large had our attention from the off. The demonstration, thankfully, had a little more substance than simply smashing up some chocolate treats and was in fact a clever way of emphasising the shock absorbtion properties of its newly added G-form protective gear brand. To put it simply, with a standard set of pads, the chocolate ended up in powder form. With G-form protection, the bowling ball and gravity lost the war and the snacks remained intact and edible. Hurrah! A set of knee or elbow pads will cost around £40 at retail and sizes will range small through XXL.
The main buzz centred around the addition of Ridley components brand 4ZA, pronounced ‘forza’ and featured in an interview within the latest issue. Made up of three families, 4ZA’s goods "make great finishing kit at a variety of price points," according to Moore Large’s Dale Smith.
Entry-level goods are covered by the Stratis range, while mid-range and top-end goods fall under the Cirrus and Cirrus Pro labels, respectively. Finishing kit aside, Moore Large will also be carrying 4ZA wheelsets ranging from £219, through £1,200 for a full carbon package.
BikeBiz was also shown a clever bit of cable tech, recently patented by Ridley. The ‘brake quick release’ is quite simply a system that can quickly and efficiently open or expand the calliper to allow quick removal of the wheel, or to accommodate a sudden buckle.

Fresh off the back of securing investment from ‘The Dragons’, Kiddimoto told BikeBiz that with the cash injection it will be able to finally keep up with demand for its wooden learner bikes.
Having negotiated a good deal by the Den’s standards, Duncan Bannatyne and Hillary Devey now have a 15 per cent stake in the firm for a £75,000 donation. A spokeswoman for Kiddimoto told BikeBiz: "The cash will all be spent on stock, as quite simply we couldn’t keep up with the demand for our product. Both Evans and John Lewis now stock the brand and we’re working hard to solidify our presence in the cycle market, having traditionally been a favourite among budding motocross kids."
This year the firm will offer more helmet designs tailored to girls, as well as many designs to match its themed ’emergency services’ bikes. Retailers are encouraged to look out for best-selling signature product, such as the Evel Knievel and Barry Sheen signature products.

50 Cycles
Kalkhoff’s Impulse electric bike was used by distributor 50 Cycles to demonstrate a number of improvements to the new line up. Having bought out German company Daum Electronic, Kalkhoff now has access to the firm’s technology and extensive research and development, which has led to improvements to the motor and battery on all 2012 bikes. On the impulse, among others, the battery is now integrated into the frame’s structure. The improvements also draw on the best bits of Panasonic’s system, giving the distributor plenty of spec upgrades to pitch to dealers curious about the electric sector.
Key to the improvements, there will be no more ‘power surges’, thanks to a few tweaks to the 36v battery and three sensor equip motors. This essentially means the system runs independent from the rider’s set cadence. Next up on the list of tweaks is the claim that battery charge time has been halved, down to an impressive four hour cycle. Finally, and key to the road going cyclist, Kalkhoff has included a rear light that flashes on under braking, increasing its output under hard or sudden stops.
50 Cycles can offer Kalkhoff Bikes ranging £1,300 through £4,000, with the top-end, XTR-equip, carbon fibre-framed build sold out for the remainder of 2011.
As the market leader in Germany, Kalkhoff has sold 75,000 electric bikes in the nine months to September this year.

For the Rotor brand, Cycle’s trade day would have been a popular one, much thanks to the brand’s attempt to "rationalise the bottom bracket standard conundrum."
Handing dealers a simple piece of printed material to make choosing the correct product for both mountain and road cyclist’s bikes a little easier, Rotor backed this with the presentation of a few of its threaded and press fit solutions. These even cover the recent BB386 EVO standard’s addition to the ever-growing list of "best bottom bracket’s on the market." Which ever shell your customer’s frame carries, Rotor can provide a specific set of cups and crank product to suit their needs. Six adapters are in stock now and wall charts explaining each configuration can be supplied with orders from Velotech. Both steel and ceramic bearing options are available.

Fisher Outdoor Leisure
Taking on one of the larger stands at the Cycle Show, Fisher Outdoor Leisure had plenty to show, including a brand addition decided shortly prior to the show.
DZR shoes joins the stable, bringing with it an 11-model shoe line, with four of those tailored to the female cyclist. Inspired by the ‘courier cyclist’, the brand has produced a line of casual ‘skate styled’ shoes that are all SPD compatible. Each has a clever reflective detail in the heel and a vulcanised bond between the sole and the shoe upper, meaning they should last a fair while. Set to land with the St Albans distributor in spring, retailers will be able to take stock of shoes ranging £75.99 to £120 at retail, available in tough leather and stylish suede options. One shoe is even vegan friendly.
Zipp debuted the 303 Firecrest carbon clincher at Cycle, which offers retailers a wider and laterally stiffer wheel choice over other models in the line. Landing during October and costing £1,900 a pair, stock should be ready by the time this magazine hits doormats. Adam Dayson of Fisher told BikeBiz: "This wheel has passed the most stringent EU standards for braking and also can accommodate a much heavier rider, having passed tough tests here."
Also spotted on the tour of the stand was a new ‘Hercules’ track pump from Airace, which carries a digital pressure gauge.

Upgrade Bikes
Another firm favourite on the trade day in particular, Lezyne have a new line of workshop tools, as well as the addition of ‘Air Bleed System’ technology, or ABS for short, to all pumps, which prevents tube damage when disconnecting a pump from the valve.
The new line of workshop tools come with either a CNC finish, or with a glossy wooden handle. What’s more, a bottle opener has been worked into the chain whip and a £24.99 pedal rod. Both of these, as well as some Allen key multi-tools with replaceable lengths come into stock during October.
The much-hyped light line, each utilising super-bright Cree LEDs and a lithium-ion battery, is now in stock. Beginning with the Mini Drive at £49.99, the line offers USB recharge capability, three body colours and CNC machining for heat dissipation.
Concluding the range at £99.99 and with an output of 450 lumens, the Super Drive offers the off-roader an entry-level light for jaunts through the woods. Each unit comes with two clamp options and a helmet bracket is due in stock in the coming months. Furthermore, a wall mount recharge kit is available at £19.99, supplied with international plug fittings.
TRP has also revealed the Darabo cable to hydraulic splitter with a two-piston operation. For £349, the customer can take home this cyclocross-inspired system with callipers, discs and reservoir supplied.
Kenesis introduced something new for the CX market too, with the Pro Six. As a disc-ready frameset only package, retailers can offer the budding cyclocross rider a Kenesium 6,000 series tubed frame and fork package for £529.99.

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