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CYCLE SHOW 2009: In-depth Review Part Four

The majority of the Saracen range is now ready for order, however Cycle Show saw the debut of a few hotly anticipated prototypes.

The first model of the Kili Flyer Cr-Mo, Madison’s homage to the iconic Kili Flyer bike, was on show. Hand-made in the UK from Tange Prestige tubing and assembled using fillet brazing, the Kili-range will be available from spring 2010. The Ariel 140 was also debuted and has been developed as a 140mm full suspension bike running a single pivot, linkage suspension system. The Ariel category will offer three builds, and pricing will start at £1600 for a Fox RP23/Vanilla, 140RL/Shimano Deore-equipped bike.

Madison’s downhill Myst bike is due for testing over the winter.

As a specialist in all things 20-inch, you could be forgiven for thinking the main attractions on this stand would be the new Kink, Subrosa and Hoffman bike ranges. However, that didn’t seem to be the case. Most visitors on the stand went straight for the stylish Macneil cruiser and Subrosa fixed gear bikes. With a bowed frame, the singlespeed cruiser featured a smattering of Macneil’s aftermarket product, BMX style bars and 24-inch wheels, as well as having subtle cut-out details on the gussets.

Seventies’ head of sales Colin White told BikeBiz: “It has been crazy that the two non-BMX bikes have stirred the most interest. Both the cruiser and the Subrosa fixie will retail for £575. Obviously our core BMX business is still our focus and we’re really excited about the new Hoffman range. This year has seen unprecedented demand for BMX bikes and much of our Subrosa and Kink ranges have been booked up early so retailers avoid the Christmas rush of last year.”

Several products on the Scoop stand were catching the eye of racers, fixie riders and BMXers. Mark Marching’s King Kong brand had a carbon fibre full-face helmet on show, which retails for £199.99 and is available now.

Meanwhile, YBN has brought translucent coatings to its half-link chains, which Mason Smith of Scoop said is a first. YBN also have several powder-coated coloured chains.

The fixed gear crowd had a custom built Volume Cutter to drool over, specced with the best of Scoop’s catalogue of BMX and fixed specific components. Alienation also had a limited edition rim on show, of which around 50 to 100 of each will land in the UK. The Delinquent rim will have 500 of each colour made and distributed worldwide. The show also gave the trade a chance to familiarise itself with the brand’s 24-inch Runaway rim, which is proving popular with dirt jumpers.

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