Two families combined over 14 years ago to form Climb On Bikes. Since then, the shop has employed one of the UK’s top mechanics, riders from all disciplines and some honest sales techniques that are paying off...

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Climb On Bikes, Hereford

What makes Climb On Bikes stand out from the crowd?
We are a modern shop with old-fashioned values and service.

How did Climb On Bikes establish its name?
The name came from two family names combined and seemed to make sense at the time, some 14 years ago.

What makes Climb On Bikes such an enduring brand?

As a family-run business it is built on a passion for cycling and anything good quality and value for money. Everyone in the shop rides to a good standard, some up to national level, in every discipline. So we can stay in touch with what matters to each sector and this enables us to mix with the public, some of which are our customers as well. This is great for feedback as we are always looking at ways to improve.

What level of service can the customer expect, having purchased and left the shop?
Before the customer leaves the shop, each complete bike buyer receives a proper fitting and service, with additional options and recommendations of components to suit their needs (so a custom fit bike for an off- the-peg price) and in most cases have test rides to confirm that what they think they need is what they are taking home. We also offer a first service, which gives the customer time to adjust to their bike and swap stems, saddles, etc to ensure a final fit. This is backed by excellent product warranties and quality workshop staff – it’s all here, and although we do run a website, you don’t receive the same service by clicking a mouse.

What training do staff go through in order to work at Climb On Bikes?
British Cycling mechanic Peter Crump works here, as well as three other mechanics, all brought up on a mixture of riding and taking things apart. We employ four sales staff to ensure that everybody who comes through the door is spoken to and given the proper time and information needed.

Why should the customer choose to shop with Climb On Bikes over other stores?
We won’t hold the back of your shirt and tell you it fits. We know the truth is not always well received and you may be pointed to a product outside of your budget to do the job properly. However, if you are upfront and honest with people it does not come back and bite you in the arse, even if it means losing a sale. And we are nice people.

Does Climb On Bikes sponsor, promote, hold events or do anything beyond the call of duty for cycling? If so, what and why?
As a shop and club we promote evening mountain bike and road rides. These include a road race in May, a triathlon in September and Reliability Ride in February. Our store supports a race team of eight riders and are involved in Mountain Mayhem, as well as the first 24-hour road race in Brecon this year and many other things (see our shop and club websites). That’s why I always look knackered!

How is Climb On Bikes tackling environmental issues?
Environmental issues that we get involved with include lobbying to get VAT taken off bikes. If the Government is serious about green issues and promotion of local cycle routes then this should happen. No cycle routes seem to join up.

Climb On Bikes Established: 1994
Stores: Hereford only
Phone: 01432 276641
Opening times: 09:00 to 17:30
Monday to Saturday Closed Sundays

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