UPDATE: 684 Parliamentary candidates pledge support for bikes

CTC urges cycle trade to ‘Vote Bike’

The CTC is calling on cyclists and the cycle industry to support its Vote Bike campaign ahead of the General Election on Thursday May 6th.

The organisation is asking the cycle world to lobby their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) to make a commitment to cycling.

The CTC has created an online campaigning tool, via its Vote Bike site, making it easy for the trade to send emails to their PPCs and encourage them to agree to the CTCs Vote Bike Manifesto.

UPDATE: At 14.30 on Wednesday May 5th, 684 Parliamentary candidates have signed up to the CTC’s Vote Bike manifesto. The Green Party, perhaps unsurprisingly, lead the way, with 67.3 per cent of those contacted supporting Vote Bike. 40 per cent of Liberal Democrats contacted also pledged their support as did 27.6 per cent. Only 2.2 per cent of Conservatives contacted pledged their support to Vote Bike. For more details visit the CTC’s Vote Bike site.

The Liberal Democrats have already pledged their support to Vote Bike. In a statement to the CTC, the party said it was: “Very pleased to support the drive to encourage cycling, which is both a healthy and environmentally friendly form of transport.”

The Lib Dems have also promised to introduce measures that will be beneficial to IBDs.

While there have been a number of cycle-friendly initiatives during the Labour Party’s period of power, the organisation has mentioned cycling just once in its Manifesto: “We will encourage more people to switch to rail with an enforceable right to the cheapest fare, while trebling the number of secure cycle storage paces at rail stations.”

The Labour Party told BikeBiz that a vote for the party was ‘a vote for bikes’.

The Conservative Party told the CTC that “encouraging cycling will be a major priority for a future Conservative Government as it already is for the Conservative administration in London.”

Debra Rolfe, CTC campaigns co-ordinator, told BikeBiz: “It’s absolutely a real opportunity for change. Following the General Election, there is likely to be many new faces in Parliament, and it’s a chance to speak to them and encourage them to make changes for the better of cycling. Lots of people have already got involved with Vote Bike, and we encourage the industry to visit Vote Bike and see what each party is pledging.”

CTC campaigns and policy director Roger Geffen said: “Vote Bike is a quick and easy way to campaign for cycling. It will encourage the new Government to put cycling closer to the heart of its policies on health, transport and communities. It will also provide cyclists with information about what their local candidates think about cycling and will help CTC lobby even more effectively for cycling to be mainstream.”

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