CTC and Cycle West have joined forces on a training project for adult and teenage cyclists to be available nationwide within two years.

CTC plans adult cycle training scheme

Cycle West, based in Bristol, has been sub-contracted to research, prepare and set up pilot training schemes based on best practice identified from existing schemes such as the long-running one in York.

The final scheme will be published and promoted by CTC on behalf of the government. It will be available to local authorities, employers and others keen to train cyclists and is being funded by the Department of Transport (DTLR), the Department of Health and two of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, the JJ Charitable Trust and Mark Leonard Trust.

The government’s Road Safety Strategy, published in 2000, said that ministers would work with CTC to produce a national training scheme for adults and teenage cyclists.

The aims are:

To reduce casualties amongst cyclists

To support those keen to cycle

To address negative aspects of some cyclists’ behaviour, in relation to others, such as pedestrians, and to highway regulation

To prepare young people for safe road use by any and all modes they adopt

Training schemes for adults do exist but they are run on an ad hoc basis and there is no national standard. CTC hopes those participating in training schemes will be encouraged to cycle and be less likely to become accident victims.

CTC Director Kevin Mayne said: "Children are well catered for but training for teenagers and adults is often not available. Teenagers in particular are currently over represented in casualty figures and many have not had access to schemes for children. A national scheme endorsed by cycling experts is essential and will be recognised as being of high quality.

"One of our aims in Vision 2000, our five year plan, is to be a source of education for cycling and we believe we can make cycling a possibility for all. Advice and training that includes positive messages about the potential for the bike as a transport mode is just what CTC should be doing now and in the future."

Peter Andrews of Cycle West said: "We are delighted to be working with CTC on this important project. We are keen to make contact with any group or organisation with experience of training adults or young people and invite such groups to contact us as soon as possible."

For scheme information contact Peter Andrews on 0117 929 0440.

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