At its AGM on Saturday CTC members voted overwhelmingly for the Club to continue its modernisation process

CTC members back the work of National Council

Controversy was expected when motions on relocation, staff control and an increase in the standard subscription were proposed. Questions over the Club’s finances and use of reserves were also anticipated.

CTC currently has a balance sheet worth more than £600,000, the amount remaining after the investments on member recruitment, marketing to raise CTC’s profile and new staff.

Council told the meeting that trading conditions remained tough because of the poor spring weather and the impact on cycling of the outbreak of foot and mouth. Costs had also risen sharply particularly those for an expanded helpdesk and improved Members’ Handbook.

Brian Morris, Chairman of CTC Council’s Operations Committee (Finance) said: "We had built up assets of nearly £1m but the Club is not about accumulating money. The money we have, has to work for cycling."

The proposal to increase the annual subscription from £25 to £27 for those aged 26 and over was agreed by a vote of 71 for and six against. Members also agreed to reduce the junior subscription (up to 26) from £15 to £10. CTC wants to attract younger members but also feels it is essential to raise income so that it covers the costs of member services. The new fees will be effective from October 1 2001.

One member pointed out that the subs increase meant membership cost just 50p per week. "Very good value for money," said one. Another told members to sell their car if they felt they couldn’t afford it. Pete Latarche, Chairman of the National Council, said the increase was no more than the cost of a beer.

One member, who had proposed HQ relocation to ‘a more central position in England’ failed to turn up. Members referred the matter back to Council which will carry out a review as part of Vision 2000, CTC’s five year plan.

Members said CTC should continue to promote a modern image but retain the original Winged Wheel logo alongside the newer logo on stationary and merchandise. The motion to return to sole use of the Winged Wheel logo attracted only five votes.

Members agreed that CTC members should put concerns about last year’s York Rally behind then and were confident that this year’s event would be a success. Only ten voted for the motion from Roy Cromack calling for more control over HQ staff.

The AGM, in Northallerton, was attended by 79 people, the highest number at a CTC AGM in recent years. Latarche said: "It was a well attended and lively meeting which was excellent. Thanks to the range of motions, most of the contemporary issues were thoroughly discussed.

"Despite the non-attendance of the proposer of two resolutions, the contentious issues were debated. I am glad to see that the overwhelming majority of the meeting supported the initiatives advanced by the National Council."

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