National Outdoor Week was formed last year by a diverse collection of outdoor organisations, all of whom stumped up development cash to get the promotional campaign off the ground. This year CTC joins the fray. The week runs 3rd-11th May.

CTC joins outdoor orgs in ‘NOW!’ campaign

"We encourage anyone interested in outdoor activity to give cycling a go," said CTC director Kevin Mayne.

"Cycling enables you to travel both long and short distances, enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the UK’s most diverse countryside and support rural economies at the same time."

NOW! was formed as an attempt to attract people back into the countryside after the lack of access during the foot and mouth epidemic. The founders were the British Mountaineering Council, Camping and Caravaning Club, Ramblers’ Association, Youth Hostels Association and the Outdoor Industries Association.

NOW! co-ordinator Andrew Maxted, of the OIA, said: "National Outdoor Week presents a fantastic opportunity to put outdoor and country activities in the media spotlight early in the spring and take full advantage of the May Day holiday weekend when many may be tempted to try a new hobby or pursuit in the great outdoors."

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