This is a consultation process which will create a mission statement and a set of goals for the CTC. When BikeBiz ran the story on the Vision 2000 plans for a cyclists consumer rights body, the ACT were straight on the phone to the CTC.

CTC claims industry support for Vision 2000


Ambitious, visionary and far reaching are some of the early comments from respondents to Vision 2000, the huge cycling consultation

launched in May by CTC.

The industry, particularly, is keen to help the UKs largest cycling organisation develop the popular leisure and commuter pursuit.

Commuters, women, offroaders and youngsters are amongst the user groups CTC is keen to attract both to membership and to CTC services available to non-members.

Director Kevin Mayne said: The cycling world has a pretty poor track record when it comes to asking cyclists what they want. We are doing that and that is why this process is unique. CTC represents all cyclists in a huge number of ways and expects to do so in the future. This consultation

reinforces that role.

Vision 2000 is thought to be the biggest cycling consultation exercise ever. Feedback from cyclists, non-cyclists who would like to ride,

cycling and cycling-linked bodies will determine the nature of CTC plans for the next five years.

CTC National Council, the organisations ruling body, steps down en masse in November so that a new regionally elected committee can take over.

The existing council will sanction Vision 2000 after assessing and accepting cycle-user input. Vision 2000 will then become CTCs new five-year plan, to be put into operation in January 2001.

We have had an exciting variety of comments already, said Mayne. We really are keen to expand the profile of CTC membership to truly reflect the cycling community and let non-cyclists, unsure about cycling, feel there is something for them and that they have representation.

The deadline for comments on Vision 2000 is September 1. Feedback will be assessed by the National Council and Vision 2000 finalised at the

existing Councils final meeting on November 4.

For a Vision 2000 questionnaire contact CTC Helpdesk on 01483 417217 or visit

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