Mountain bike training company absorbed

CTC acquires OTC training

CTC has announced that it has acquired bicycle training company OTC. The deal will see OTC’s range of qualifications bundled with CTC’s existing off-road courses. OTC staff will now have access to the vast resources of the UK’s largest cycling organisation. 27,000 CTC members own a mountain bike.

Kevin Mayne, Director of CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation said: “OTC’s training and education programme is a perfect addition to CTC’s growing mountain bike activities. We are looking forward to welcoming OTC into CTC and working to improve conditions for mountain bikers of all abilities. This acquisition is just the start, the MTB world is going to be hearing a lot more from CTC in the coming years.”

Founder and Director of OTC Dan Cook said: “Integrating with CTC will provide a fantastic future for mountain bikers, professional activity providers, voluntary group leaders, regular riders and weekend warriors. CTC will now be the only point of contact needed for training, insurance and virtually all recreational services for mountain bikers. Plus CTC’s proven record in accessing funding for cycling development can also be harnessed to benefit mountain biking across the UK.”

OTC activity during 2009 will continue with the same staff in place. OTC and CTC are now actively looking to extend and develop opportunities for mountain biking throughout the UK and Europe with existing partners.

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