Riders to step in following Government spending cuts

Crowd funding steps in for mountain bike circuit near Sheffield

A long mooted mountain bike circuit around Lady Canning Plantation, Sheffield has been left languishing following local authority spending cuts.

Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside had played a key part in getting the project off the ground, securing approvals and permissions for the trails to be built, but spending cuts have hit local budgets leaving no cash available to create the trail.

Cotic’s Cy Turner has picked up the mantel with an initiative where riders can crowd fund the trail, via Ridesheffield.org.uk.

Turner said: "Volunteer dig days just aren’t going to cut it for the whole job. We need diggers and trackbuilders in the woods cutting the trail.

"Part of our group are the nationally renowned trail builders Biketracks. Amongst other things they built the Parkwood Springs MTB circuit in the city. We want to raise as much money as possible so that Jordan and Cheggers can get in there with their diggers and build us a great trail. We still intend to put in a massive effort on volunteer days to shape and finish the trail, but basically the more money we raise, the longer the diggers can be in the woods."

The group is looking for £10 donations ‘the same as a round of drinks’ (depending on your local) with an aim of at least £7,500.

More info available here.

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