Distribution negotiations underway and British site in the works

Crotch Guard to bring relief to UK cyclists

US product Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil is to come to the UK, with distributor negotiations currently underway to bring the product to the nation.

Crotch Guard comes from New York firm Dermatect, founded 2004. Designed for cyclists to reduce friction and eliminate chafing irritations and saddle sores, a key feature of Crotch Guard is its absorbtion into the skin – "It will not stain clothing, or disintegrate simply because it is in your skin not on the skin."

It’s a silky oil, rather than a thick lube or cream, that supports layers of skin. A fine mist spray cap is provided for a hygenically sound application. It comes in 4oz and 1oz bottles, recommending application twice daily – before riding and after showering. 

A UK Site is under construction and product reviews have galvanised interest, Dermatect told BikeBiz. 

Dermatect is registered with the US Foord and Drug Administration (FDA) and the manufacturing plant and packaging facility are in compliance, meeting FDA standards. 

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