If so, Bikebiz.com would like to hear your ideas. With DfT cash, unlocked thanks to the bike trade's Bike Hub levy scheme, the BA is currently seeking a slogan that would be used to promote all the myriad forms of cycling by all cycling stakeholders in the UK. In Germany, according to Saz.de, the federal transport ministry is to start a publicity campaign called Fahr Rad. This means 'ride a cycle' and sounds like fahrrad, the German word for bicycle. Could we Brits creat a similar multi-use moniker?

Could you sell cycling by creating a catchy slogan?

Ideas can be submitted to slogan@transfer.bikebiz.com, or join the brainstorming session on the bulletin board.

There’s no guarantee the best phrase will be used because Circus, the marketing agency appointed to create the Bike Hub logo and to evaluate the basis for a marketing plan of cycling, is already on the case. And there are other marketing agencies pitching too.

But create a winning phrase and, surely, the creator will be in line for a tasty credit and a wee bit of monetary thanks?

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