BikeBiz asks the trade whether it’s making the most of the potentially lucrative market

Could the cycling industry do more to attract females?

Is the female cycling sector being adequately served by manufacturers, retailers and distributors? That’s the question we put to the cycling industry.

Sustrans communications director Melissa Henry told BikeBiz: “It’s a startling fact that 79 per cent of British women do not cycle at all, despite 43 per cent having access to a bike.

"Stylish and affordable cycle-wear and accessories for women are now entering the High Street – including at Topshop’s Oxford Street store – so perhaps the cycling industry needs to take another look at how it caters for women."

Knog CEO Hugo Davidson argued: “There can always be more done to encourage cycling – this is true when targeting either men or women. Let’s encourage the other cycle brands to provide the women with as many options as men have. I’d say it’s about time!”

Fisher Outdoor Leisure CEO Richard Allmark added: “The industry does not do or try enough to manage female customers.”

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