Pro cycling TfL board member hasn't ruled out standing for Mayor

Could 2016 London mayoral elections include a new pro cycling face?

Ahead of the next mayoral elections in London, Michael Leibreich has loosely suggested he may run for the position currently occupied by Boris johnson.

Liebreich, like Johnson, is on the face of it very pro cycling, as well as fairly vocal on climate and air pollution issues, something which Johnson has come in for some heavy criticism as air quality declines in the capital.

Leibreich himself is an investor in Azuri Tech, a solar power business, as well as holding a position on the Transport for London board.

In a separate clip, the Bloomberg New Energy founder also claims to not own a car himself, largely choosing a combination of ZipCar and ‘Boris Bike’ hires to get around.

Past tweets from Leibreich’s Twitter account show infographics on safe cycling levels across Europe, articles on the correlation between safe cycling/walking and lower speed limits, as well as praise for the new Cycle Superhighways now under construction.

In a short clip filmed at the World Future Energy Zummit with – a site focused on clean technology – while not giving a yes or no answer, Leibreich said: "I’d be delighted if a strong candidate came forward, then I could step back and try and help. But who knows what will happen, I rule nothing out"

Wikipedia suggests that, in June 2014, odds on Liebreich favoured him ahead of other candidates including George Galloway and David Lammy.

The next mayoral elections take place on May 5th, 2016.

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