EUROBIKE 2010: Firm unwraps latest lines for anniversary at show

Corratec celebrates 20 years in the biz at Friedrichshafen

Inbetween launching its new product range at Eurobike, Corratec has been celebrating its 20th anniversary at the show.

The firm, which has been partnered with Raleigh since 2008, unveiled a new electric bike, a new bearing system and a multitude of other lines, including new kids’ bikes.

Highlights includes the carbon bike X-Bow, the new edition of the Super-Bow Corratec launched 20 years ago. Featuring high-quality carbon fibres woven in a tube, the X-Bow’s frame is extrememly durable, the firm says. It also features the new Universal Bottom Bracket System (UBBS) integrated in the frame, improving rigidity and endurance. The bike is kitted out in high-grade components, from the XTR group to DT Swiss X1650 wheels.

Other highlights include the Super Bow 29, featuring US-favourite 29-inch wheels, AirTech racing bikes and the X-Force series.

Corratec’s childrens’ and teenager’s bike ranges include a special range of 20-inch and 24-inch bikes, with adapted geometry to amke the bikes easy to handle, with reworked specifications.

Finally, Corratec’s electric bike – the E-Bow – tucks a powerful motor away in a light carbon frame.

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