Part one of many Core Bike round ups to come

Core Bike: Upgrade, Windwave, 2Pure, Hope and Ison

Upgrade joins the few distributors offering a folding lid with the addition of Overade.

Allowing the trade to get hands on with the lid, dealers were able to reduce size by two thirds, with a series of hinges allowing the shell to collapse into itself in seconds. Two sizes are available spanning 54/58cm and 59/62cm. A fabric pouch is supplied for easy transportation.

Lezyne continues to refine some already strong product, with a new patent pending on a clip system that sees smaller lights attachable by both a silicone strap and once removed, a plastic bag clip.

Three new colours of Cycloc’s core wall mount product are now in stock with upgrade, alongside the Endo, Loop and Wrap products that were debuted in sample form last year.

X-fusion introduced a new fork for downhill in the RV1, retailing at £1,099 and available to work with 26 and 27.5-inch wheel builds. Among other features, the dual crown fork will provide 200mm of travel, high and low speed compression adjusters and a Neutra valve bleed port to release pressure build up in the lower legs.

With FSA showing many of its new developments at Eurobike the anticipated K-force goods are now landing with distributor Windwave – including the £550 K-force and £399 Afterburner hydraulic brakes.

Newly added to the catalogue are a di2 compatible carbon seatpost and an adapted version of the K-force handlebars, tweaked once again to accommodate the electric groupset.

Within the Vision range, you’ll now also find the 245-gram Metron 4D handlebar at £279.99. With geometry tweaked for comfort, the bar better accommodates the wrist with an aero-ergo flat top riser central section and 10 degree forward bend.

Announced just prior to the show, OSMO nutrition is a significant addition to the distributor’s already strong nutrition stocks.

With 25-year nutrition veteran Stacey Sims, who has worked with the US Postal Team, among a long list of others, behind the brand the unique selling point of OSMO is the low sugar content.

With just two per cent carbohydrate in each of the blends, the solutions will efficiently retain the fluids otherwise taken up by the body to digest sugars. Made up solely of powder product, the brand has differentiated between the nutritional needs of men and women and produced product to suit. Tubs of powder will retail at £15.99 and sachets £1.45.

Having spent the past three years seeking a new bike label, 2pure has linked with Hong Kong’s Neil Pryde, which if you didn’t know already, has a strong carbon fibre heritage thanks to the roots in high-end windsurfing equipment.

With an annual turnover surpassing $100 million, the brand isn’t shy of investing in its product and has appointed 2pure to manage its UK sales. Dealers here will have access to four framesets, ranging £2,000 to £2,800 and six variant of bikes built around those, spanning £2,400 and upwards dependant on the build spec. Most recently added to the line is a sportive-friendly frameset that is dubbed the Zephyr. Stock will be with 2pure as soon as mid-February.

Workshop specific Black Mamba gloves has now added a retail-friendly pack of eight for the home mechanic. These are set to retail at £3.49 a box.

Rohloff Speedhub lovers rejoice, the day where we see trigger shifters working in tune with the popular gearhubs may be upon us. Though not certain to become an Ison product, the distributor has declared strong interest in a Sanc Five prototype shown at Core. Fitted to the flat area of a bar, the system works via two trigger levers. Ison is also keen to expand its Rohloff business, with a demo price offered to all customers going forwards.

Elsewhere the addition of Whisky parts turned heads, with stock available now. The highlight for many, especially those with a presence in the cross world, will have been the No.9 bolt thru fork. Touting the label as a no nonsense, often cheaper alternative to the competition, Whisky’s carbon fork line spans £250 to £440 with a wide range of tapers to suit most bikes on the market, including a 29er specific rigid fork with strong tyre clearance.

House brand Genetic introduced an interesting mudguard at Core, which attaches at the skewer and extends to the tyre via a single carbon fibre rod. It’s perhaps not a club cyclist friendly unit, but will certainly be popular with the rider who doesn’t want a permanently fixed guard taking away from their bike’s looks.

As is always the case come Corebike, Hope had plenty to draw the trade toward its booth, most notably the Rourke custom build recently pedalled to world record speed by Guy Martin.

Fresh wheels sporting Hope’s in-house made 26 and 27.5 rims join the range and will be in stock from March. Using a slightly higher grade of aluminium when compared to close rivals, Hope’s rims are perfect for the enduro and cross country rider with a habit for being harsh on wheels.

Clothing link ups with both Royal on the mountain bike side and BioRacer on the road front resulted in plenty of new race clothing on show. Expect to see the Royal made goods land as soon as March, while the road-going BioRacer developed jerseys, gilet and shorts are in stock now.

A narrow-wide chainring, retailing at £45 joins the hard good catalogue alongside a new press fit 46 (bb30) bottom bracket that becomes available this month.

Look out for Barnoldswick-made carbon fibre products in 2014, with early prototypes already being tested by the brand’s staff.

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