Set to be built in 2016, the 213 foot high gate will cross a harbour

Copenhagen ups its bike infrastructure game with 213 foot skybridge

Already known for its world leading cycling infrastructure, Copenhagen is set to further build on its reputation with a stunning 213 foot high cycle and pedestrian bridge crossing a city harbour.

Designed back in 2008, before financial pressures put the Copenhagen Gate project on hold, the plan has been revived and is now set for construction in 2016. 

Crossing between two soon to be built adjacent skyscrapers, the Gate will be high enough to allow cruiseliner access to the port, which is the third busiest of its kind in the world. Suspended by a series of cables, the crossing does appear to be made up of two sections that meet half way. The bridge has always been involved in the design and tender process as a result of these rules.

Elevators in both buildings will haul pedestrians and cyclists skyward to the bridge. 

According to the Copenhagize blog, a rule covering the city cites that no home must be more than 500 metres from public transport of one form or another. 

Meanwhile in the UK, Boris Johnson was given a salute not in the Highway code as he opened London’s fully segregated Cycle Suoerhighway this morning.

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