City seeks suggestions to integrate bikes into transport system

Copenhagen invites bids to boost cycling

Companies and innovators from across the world have been invited by the City of Copenhagen and Living Labs Global – a non-profit association that provides solutions for cities – to come up with ways to fully integrate bicycles into a new transport system for the city, reports

While Copenhagen is widely regarded as a pro-cycling city, spending $47 million on cycle highways and with more than half of the city’s citizens using a bike daily, Copenhagen is seemingly not content to sit on its cycling laurels and is aiming to tackle the barriers between bicycle use and its public transport system.

Three methods will be chosen to be piloted later this year, timed to coincide with the joint Copenhagen/Barcelona summit on ‘Service Innovation in Cities’ on November 25th this year.

Successful pitches for integrating cycles more fully into the city have to address one or more of the following challenges:

“1. Smarter bike paths that indicate dangers such as frost, indicate congestion or incorporate sensors to monitor activities and respond to usage needs and link to traffic light systems offering green waves for cyclists.
2. Technologies in bicycles such as health sensors, location information, theft protection, entertainment and fitness monitors that can be applied for entertainment, wellbeing, security and other purposes.
3. Mobile services that link bicycles and riders to social networks, provide news and updates, to pre-book bikes or reserve parking, to plan routes and other activities.
4. Integration of bicycle rides with other modes of public transport to give more inter-modal options for commuters.
5. Improved bicycle parking around key intersections and meeting points.
6. Improved health and well-being monitoring and impact of bicycles in the city.
7. Improved security and safety in relation to bicycles?
8. Bicycles that replace "service vehicles" for craftsmen in the inner city.
9. Services to support bicycle tourism.”

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