An opportunity to bring about a 12 month trial goes live shortly

Consultation over deadly Bank junction traffic ban due next month

A consultation process between the City of London and TfL could bring about a 12 month trial where Bank’s notoriously dangerous junction would go traffic free.

The consultation is set to go live next month, with the ban applying to all motor traffic apart from buses using the junction.

Having been the scene for many grisly incidents, including the death of Ying Tao, 26, back in June, the Bank junction is one of London’s most notorious blackspots for safe cycling and has long been the subject of calls for infrastructure improvement. 

If the 12 month trial proved a success, the area would likely be part returned to its traditional role as a major public space. Initial traffic modelling suggests that the disruption would be ‘minimal’ on the general impact of traffic flow in the city.

Read more on London24 here. 

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