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Why should bicycle dealers get in touch with Stash?
It’s a unique space saving helmet, only available from us. We hold stock down at our warehouse on the south coast and are supplying IBDs direct, with sales and marketing support on your doorstep.

When was Stash founded and who invented the folding helmet concept?
The Stash helmet was born as an accessory to the folding bike. The company Hatpac was founded back in 2004 to raise private investment, file and mature the worldwide patents (now granted across Europe and USA) and bring this innovative product to the marketplace. The CEO of Hatpac, Vincent Fallon and his colleague Richard Moore developed the concept from a wooden model to the finished product you see today.

Does Stash have plans to expand outside protection equipment?
We are already producing a range of Stash laptop bags (with internal compartment for your folded Stash and plenty of room for your other belongings) and a Stash style Buff. We have many other products in the pipeline including different helmet designs for specific cycling categories and other cycle commuter products to help encourage people to leave the car at home and cycle safely.

How do you feel about winning an award at Eurobike?
Winning an iF Design award at Eurobike ‘07 was fantastic for us. It was it the first time we had shown the helmet to the industry and public. We received much PR and publicity through the award, which really helped to mark our launch at the show. It was great to get recognition from design professionals and renowned individuals from the cycle industry.

How did your company test the Stash helmet?
Stash has been tested to the European standard CEN EN1078 at a UK based test house eligible to award the certification, which we achieved at the beginning of 2007. When it was put on the test rig we actually found it to be 45 per cent better for impact protection than the standards require.

How are sales of Stash going as word spreads?
Sales are picking up nicely. We are just coming into our first season since the launch and have become increasingly busy. I think we will be taking on more staff pretty soon. Of course, it’s not just the UK we are selling in and we’ve now got dealers and distributors in place across 13 countries worldwide, so far. We have noticed in the UK the industry can be quite closed and even negative to new ideas and innovation, but we are working hard to get noticed and make a success for our company.

Why should IBDs stock Stash over a traditional helmet?
Stash is a practical, innovative and design lead solution to the problem of storing what is essentially a bulky item.

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