Squirt owner Terri Osborne tells BikeBiz about establishing the brand in the UK, and enormous sales in the US and Australia...


Tell us what in2dust can offer retailers:
In2dustis me, Terri Osborne with some outsourced warehousing and the team that provides. I guess that makes me unusual to be a female in what is a male driven industry. Currently I import Squirt Chainlube from South Africa into the UK.

You’ve got backing from two MTB big names – how did this come about?

Ned Overend and Travis Brown were given samples to try and they loved the product.

We don’t pay them to endorse the product, they decide to use it and of course Squirt sends them chainlube.

How is your product performing in other territories?
In South Africa, the home of Squirt, it’s been around since 2003 and is hugely popular. In America and Australia sales are enormous and growing each year. In Europe there are a number of distributors and in the UK it’s been really impossible to find until now.

Now we’re here, our aim is to support retail outlets countrywide with attractive margins, free next day delivery, no minimum orders and terms.

Do you have any plans for expansion?
There have been offers, but it’s important for in2dust to establish itself in the UK marketplace with Squirt Chainlube. Once dealers become familiar with us and our service we aim to increase our portfolio.

Was Squirt developed exclusively for bikes, or does it have other uses?

Only bicycles and although there’s a number of applications it can be used for, chains are where it’s happiest.

What events does Squirt plan to attend this year?
We are a sponsor of the Merida Marathon series where we have a lubing station under our gazebo offering free lube, jelly babies, trail mix and, if the weather is anything like round two last time around, shelter from the rain.

We are the vets solo category sponsor for the Trans Wales, so again attending all seven days as a lubing station. By the time this edition hits doormats we would have been to SSUK09 handing out prizes and are hugely looking forward to the Brighton Big Dog in August, where we are also giving away prizes.

I ride and I think it’s hugely important to support these events. We will also be at the Earl’s Court Cycle Show. We assist a number of UK athletes and will turn up from time to time at events offering support.

What environmental credentials does the product carry?
Being a wax/water emulsion, Squirt is the only dry lube that does not contain a solvent, and as a result is more environmentally friendly than others. Squirt has also been proven to exceed maximum biodegradablility criteria and breaks down 80 per cent in 28 days, 25 per cent better than the required limit. Squirt is 100 per cent biodegraded in 58 days.

How can dealers get in touch?
Via phone or via the email form on our site. Interested dealers may request samples and we will happily dispatch these. Read our reviews section on the site, in particular the piece with the Hub in Glentress which runs its entire hire fleet of 120 plus bikes exclusively on Squirt because they are saving money by doing so.

TEL: 07789 075818

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