COLIPED the Organisation of the European Two-Wheeler Parts Industries will be holding a getting to know us session at the Taipei International Cycle Show 2000.

Colly who?

COLIPED represents more than 180 European manufacturers of two-wheeler parts and accessories. COLIPED was founded in 1960 to promote European production and design in the world of bicycle components. The Committees activity is centered on the main items: European legislation/regulations, production, market, general promotion, safety and quality standards.

The organisation wants to be better recognised for its behind the scenes work and is staging a trade get-together on Saturday 8th April at the Taipei show

COLIPED is often referred to as organiser of the joint European pavilion at the Taipei Cycle. [But] what are the other COLIPED activities? What does the European bicycle parts industry represent in economic terms? What can COLIPED do for the industry? asks Greet Engelen, secretary of COLIPED

These questions and more will be answered in Taiwan. And theres more…

COLIPED will lift the veil of a completely new project, which is aimed at promoting the European bicycle parts and accessories, says Engelen.

Date: Saturday, 8 April 2000

Time: 01.45 p.m.

Venue: Taipei International Convention Centre

Conference room: 103, 1st floor

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