"The bike industry is feeling the recession too," says Rees as he plans training tour

Colin Rees reduces sales training costs

Sales trainer Colin Rees, the man behind Quest Consultants, has announced a plan to reduce the costs of his courses.

The 15 year veteran of bike industry training has devised a way where stores can send delegates to training courses for just £99 a head. As well as the standard in-store courses he has run for many years, there is now a series of new courses being staged at various places around the UK. Now, all dealers need to do is email and find out when and where these courses are taking place and book their places.

No session will have more than 12 delegates, they will last four to five hours depending on the course. Subjects available to start with are ‘Basic Sales’ for new shop staff and those who lack confidence on the sales floor, ‘Advanced Sales’ for those people who are already really proficient and need extra tips to stay top of the league and managers courses to begin with.

Rees said: "The way it works is when I get an enquiry from a shop, I stage a session in that area and work to get other shop staff there so as to reduce the costs dramatically. The beauty is that if people want to send say a new staff member to the sales training basic course, they can do so at a much reduced cost. I am hoping to do some sessions on advanced sales as usually, there are only one or two members who can benefit from each store but it takes one to kick it all off.

"This new £99 system we have developed means sales training is open to even the smallest stores at a very low cost and at a place as close to them as we can devise. All they have to do is group together with other IBD’s in their region and I’ll be there."

All pupils go home with a handbook and each store owner is sent a brief synipsis of what was covered and how to get the most from the staff member following the course.

Rees added: "I am still very happy to come to stores and train everyone as I have been doing for 15 years now and that charge has come down by £100 as the recession starts to take effect in the bike industry – so, if people want to double their customer spend per visit as many have done, there couldn’t be a better time."

The first course will be in April, covering basic sales in Suffolk.

Email Colin at colinrees7@gmail.com to reserve a place.

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