Connected Biking, or COBI for short, handles everything from brake lighting to on the bike communication

Cobi launches multitasking unit to manage all your on the bike needs

Busy stands at friedrichshafen are normally busy for one of two reasons – a freebie beer is being handed out, or something genuinely intriguing is being launched.

Cobi, short for connected biking, falls into the latter pool and was generating a buzz because of it’s new device which manages everything from automatic low light bike and brake lighting, to communication, offline GPS navigation and much, much more.

Another interesting feature is the app’s theft alert, which will send your phone into a frenzy when the mounted sensors feel any unwanted attention on the bike.

Some may be familiar with the handlebar mounted unit due to a successful kickstarter campaign and follow up production for the masses is now in full swing. The device will work with any bluetooth capable smartphone (or Apple Watch) carrying the brand’s app. 

What’s more, the unit will wirelessly charge your phone up to four times over on the move per battery charge and infinitely if you’ve a dynamo rigged up.

Other features of the system include: A bell, on the bike social media and music access, control of the built in 45 lux (at 10 metres) lighting, sensor driven fitness records and other bike computer readings.

An exchangeable battery pack (6000mAh) is also set to be available for those thinking of going touring.

Dedicated cases for all the modern Apple phones and many Android units are soon to be available, with an additional universal four to six inch mount available.

COBI has already signed OEM partnerships with the likes of Winora, TransX and Rotwild, among others. 

The unit is expected to retail for around €79.

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