The driver who killed four cyclists in Wales at the weekend was driving around the bend of an icy road at 50mph, within the speed limit for this particular road (in optimum driving conditions). Many people already blame the local authority for not gritting the roads, rather than the driver of the car. The Chief Inspector of the North Wales Police told the media the crash which resulted in the killings was an "accident".

Club cyclists to wear black armbands in memory of Rhyl deaths

Despite the fact all the dead cyclists were wearing helmets, The Times attached a panel to its article on the killings predicting the crash would "increase pressure" on the call for cycle helmet compulsion.

Most of the media coverage on the crash has blamed the "11th deadliest road in Wales", not the drivers that make the road so dangerous.

There’s not a lot cyclists can do to change society’s perception that road deaths are part and parcel of "car culture" but contributors to the forum – out-raged at the media coverage of the "accident" – want club cyclists to express their condolences to the families of those affected by the deaths by wearing arm-bands:

"We are spreading the word to all club riders on Sunday to wear black arm ban in rememberance of those who have lost their lives in such a tragic way," said Julie Dominguez of

Terry Jones and Carnifex (Latin for killer):…/maintainNewsArticles.asp?CelebrityArticleID=7

Carnifex story in full:…/TerryJones.html

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