And there will be no 2001 Corratec bikes at the Cycle & Leisure Show as Frank Clavis has withdrawn his stand, citing differences of opinion with the German producers of Corratec bikes

Clavis pulls the plug on Corratec UK

I would like to apologise profusely to all the those dealers that we were

going to see at the show. We have spent over 12 months visiting and

establishing our involvement of the brand and have put considerable

financial resources into setting up a credible organisation to support what

we feel is a fine product, says Frank Clavis of Easthill Enterprises Ltd, putative supplier of Corratec bikes in the UK.

We have reservations regarding the methods used by Germany.

Since the start of the year we have been unable to discuss or plan

the new seasons requirement of bikes.

At the Cologne Show a formal agreement was signed between Eastill

Enterprises Ltd [and IKO GMBH] for the distribution of Corratec bikes in the UK. The Agreement specifically covered the expected quantities per year and also the desire to expand the brand Internationally with the UK being a pivotal market to do so.

It appears that IKO have had a problem with the different attitude of

dealers here in the UK, who already feel the market is well supplied. We

here at Corratec UK have have clearly identified exactly that point and have also had to explain that the attempted entry into the UK market of four years ago did the Corratec image no good at all as nothing at all happened after a presence at a previous show.

Fortunately we have had a very encouraging response to our Bikedirect Europe contract assembly, wheelbuilding and manufacturing operation which is now underway and will be the focus of our full attention.

Tel: 01686 621 631

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