Rory McMullan of the Association for Commuter Transport in London is working on a book about urban cycling for beginners and he's after anecdotes and first hand advice from bike commuting newbies. He's hoping bike shops in touch with such customers will pass on his contact details.

City cycling info sought from new cyclists

"I am currently working on a book ‘The Beginners Guide to Urban Cycling’, which will be published by Green Books in late Spring," said McMullan.

"It’s a small handbook that will be distributed to large employers to hand to their employees, and perhaps through IBDs if they wanted to."

Chapter titles include Why Cycle, Getting started, Cycling on the Road, Buying a Bike, Buying accessories, Basic Cycle Maintenance, Cycling to Work, and Cycling for fun.

"I need real life stories from urban cyclists that are quite new to cycling," said McMullan.

"For instance, what’s their typical cycle trip and how they do they feel about their new transport choice?"

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