48.5% upheld in Official Journal of the European Union

Chinese dumping duty maintained

The Official Journal of the European Community has revealed that current anti-dumping duties on imports to Europe from China will remain at 48.5 per cent.

The publication reads: “Following an interim review pursuant to Article 11(3) of the basic Regulation (the ‘previous investigation’), the Council, by Regulation (EC) No 1095/2005 ( 6 ), decided to maintain the anti-dumping duty in force.”

Effective as of today (October 7th) and for a duration of a further five years, the duty has been pushed by the European Bicycle Manufacturer’s Association, which has long campaigned for an even playing field between EU manufacturers and the far-east.

The report concludes: “That after deduction of the anti-dumping duty, imports from the PRC were undercutting the prices of the Union industry by 53 per cent. A definitive anti-dumping duty is hereby imposed on imports of bicycles and other cycles (including delivery tricycles, but excluding unicycles), not motorised, currently falling within CN codes ex 8712 00 10 (TARIC code 8712 00 10 90), 8712 00 30 and ex 8712 00 80 (TARIC code 8712 00 80 90) and originating in the People’s Republic of China."

Bike Europe carries a link to the full statement.

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