In mid-July, the European Commission is expected to reimpose anti-dumping duties on bicycles of Chinese origin, and hike the duty to 48 percent from the current 30.6 percent. Dumping duties have been in place for 13 years. Statistics from the Beijing Customs reveal that the Chinese capital exported 708 000 bicycles in the first five months of 2005, a drop of 20.5 percent.

China’s bike makers export less bikes, blame tariffs

China Daily reports that officials from the Tianjin Bicycle Association said that Beijing’s bicycle industry will "face a hard time" when the new, toucgher duties are imposed.

Tianjin province exports more than one million bicycles to the EU each year.

In 2004, China produced more than 79m bicycles, making up 60 percent of the world’s total, exporting 51m of them.

The averga eprice of a Chinese-produced bicycle is $34.5, compared with $164.41 for a Taiwanese bicycle.

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