The distributor takes us through the development process of the Flingers

Chicken Flingers are now in stock

Chicken Cyclekit’s own Flinger mudguards have been in development since January, when the design team were set the challenge to make the perfect mudguard.

The distributor has filled us in on the design process:

"Due to their many years’ experience, the design team were fully aware of the shortfalls of current mudguards in the market. Improving the design would be a tough challenge. Every component was individually analysed, and improvements were made down to the smallest washer. Some improvements were marginal, some were truly ground breaking. There is one thing we can be sure of, many of our modifications will be copied over the coming years, but Flinger guards will always have been the first.

"Firstly they looked at the stays, it was clear they had to come up with a stronger, less obstructive design, particularly with the ever growing disc brake market. This was achieved by increasing the stay diameter to 4mm.

"They also re-designed the traditional shape of the stay adding a kink, to allow the guards to be used perfectly with calliper brakes, disc brakes and pannier racks with no “mechanical improvisations”. The stays can be reversed for a cleaner look where there is no obstruction.

"Many materials were considered to make the ideal fender. They needed to find a stronger, light- weight solution. Our research proved the best material to use was polycarbonate. The chosen polycarbonate proved to be high impact resistant even in arctic temperatures, highly durable and light-weight.

"They found it was common for fenders to snap where they connect to the bridge. They used a plastic version, not only does this provide a more secure fit, it also doesn’t damage the fender. The plastic has dampening properties, and helps you fit the guards to bikes with the smallest of clearances.

"With any cycle product, safety has to be a priority. All Flinger guards come with a safety clip for the front stays, in the unlikely event of the guard jamming into the front wheel, the safety clip releases to avoid the front wheel locking up and causing injury. The reflector selected is aesthetically pleasing but also has the advantage of being able to be seen from a wider angle. Unlike many other manufacturers, mud flaps are fitted to the front and rear as standard, this ensures spray is kept to a minimum."

Chicken Cyclekit says the Flinger guards have competitive SRPs and give stockists a strong GP.

In stock now, dealers can order on or phone the sales office on 01525 381347 to enquire about the stockist package.

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