We've had 419 people sign our Tour de France petition in just a few days. That's great and thanks if you're one of them, but it's not enough to impress Channel 4. Here's an idea...

Chain letter

Please copy the text below and blanket email it to your cycling contacts email list. And if you know of any Francophiles who like Channel 4’s coverage despite the bikes, rope them in too.

Please take a minute to sign a petition at www.bikebiz.co.uk. This is aimed at convincing Channel 4 not to muck around with the timings for their coverage of the Tour de France in 2001. It will take just a few seconds of your time.

Brit rider David Millar and Channel 4 presenters Gary Imlach and Paul Sherwin have signed so far.

It¹s important that we get the Tour de France programme back at a reasonable time: it¹s cycling¹s only big prime-time TV slot of the year.

Please feel free to copy this email to anybody else who might be interested, including Francophiles (it’s important this petition isn’t just wall-to-wall enthusiast cyclists).


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