CatEye extends range of wearable products

Findings from a recent traffic accident research project have lead CatEye to extended its range of wearable products to include three new products to boost cyclist visibility whether training or commuting, on or off road, day or night.

The research found that 78 per cent of accidents involving fatalities and injuries happen during daylight with 55 per cent of collisions happening at crossings. Because of this, the new products have been specifically designed so cyclists can be clearly seen at different levels, from the back, front and from the side.

The range includes products that fit easily and securely onto helmets, backpacks, saddlebags and jersey pockets – using multiple lights boosts a cyclists 180 degree visibility.

President of CatEye Koichi Tsuyama said: “We want all riders to feel safe, knowing they can be seen both day and night is of huge importance to us. To achieve this we created an adaptable, light-weight range that can be used on any bike or accessory, there is now no excuse not to go out riding!”

The Duplex
A compact, lightweight, long-life helmet light with built-in taillight offering 100 hours of constant or flashing visibility from the front and back of the light.

Volt400 Duplex
A high power headlight with an integrated tail light designed for helmet use with the rider able to select from different levels of lumens output ranging from 400 to 50 depending on the time of day. The rider will benefit from up to 25 hours of constant or 250 hours of flashing visibility at the rear and three hours of 400 lumens or 150 hours of 50 lumens flashing at the front.

Wearable X
This rear light clips onto backpacks or jersey pockets and offers up to 30 hours of flashing light, making the rider extra visible.

Rapid X2 Kinetic
A movement-sensitive, day and night time light. The Rapid X2 Kinetic is a 50-lumen safety light that mounts easily on a seatpost. It offers a built-in accelerometer that automatically switches into a constant burst mode when it senses a sudden change in speed.

Loop 2 
A bar-end or strap based safety light with variable mounting options including ankle, wrist, backpack or bar end offering 30 hours of constant visibility or 50 hours of flashing.

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