Partnerships, acquisitions and investment news throughout the cycling industry

End of an era

Today the last Nottingham-built frame rolls off the Raleigh production line. Tomorrow the plant is split into lots and auctioned off

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Big Bang for bikes this weekend

TVs biking boffin Adam Hart-Davis, presenter of BBC Local Heroes, will open the Cycle the Solar System, a 10km scale model of the solar system on Saturday, where even dozy cyclists can ride at ten times the speed of light!

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Trade Show 2000

If you're an exhibitor at this show, or are planning to exhibit, please read this important commercial interlude

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Its official: more bikes sold in 99 than 98

Using figures we dont think Mintel or the Bicycle Association will dispute as inaccurate we believe bike production figures in 1999 look set to be 2.387 million, better than 1998 but not as good as either 1996 or 1997.

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Single minded success

In BikeBiz3 due out on Thursday - there's an article on (check out the TotalTrak feature and the ShopCam). This Texas bike shop gets orders from the UK. Well gets orders from America...

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