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(Don’t) get straight to the point

Here's a warning to all bike shop mechanics (and anybody who mends punctures): when checking for the cause of a puncture use something other than your finger!

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Site evolves

If you gain access to this site by adding /web to you'll have missed the odd change or two...

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Fotheringham quits ProCycling

A front page news story in today's UK Press Gazette reports that William Fotheringham is leaving Cabal Communications to take on a greater freelance role at The Guardian

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New cash for cycling

Local authority transport plans were yesterday boosted by a £755 million Government cash injection, a quarter of which is earmarked for integrated transport solutions, including new cycling facilities

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Swallows wound up

The Wales-based tandem specialist was wound up today. We have this afternoons report from the insolvency practioner.

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