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Mainstream media mobbed by bikies

The Encycleopedia Show by Open Road, publishers of Bike Culture, Bycycle and, of course, Encycleopedia, is scheduled for 27-29th May. The first press release has just been sent out to the mainstream media...and it joins a long list of events vying for media attention.

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Big bike brands getting bigger…

...small ones getting smaller. Well, at least in comparison, says the Plimsoll Report, a company analysis and benchmarking service. (Read on, too, for company turnovers and the biggest bike shop in the UK).

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Fancy a threesome?

If youre mad keen on testing yourself to the limit (sure you are, you work in the bike trade); can cycle a bit, arent too bad a runner and can row an inflatable across a lake, why not enter a trade team into the Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series 2000. Youll need to be joined by two fellow nutters

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Uniform Business Rates: where do IBDs stand?

The rates demand that was probably waiting for you after the Christmas break was based on retail property valuations from two years ago. If your shop is in an area where the Uniform Business Rates have shot up, is it worth lodging an appeal? Rates specialist Brian Collett gives BicycleBusiness the lowdown on UBR

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TV exposure for cycle holidays

Holiday Swaps, the BBC travel prog fronted by Carol Smillie (or is it Vorderman?), will feature a cycling holiday on 25th February. One with a twist: the participants thought they would hate it...

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