Partnerships, acquisitions and investment news throughout the cycling industry

Woolly or wont he?

Tim Parr, president of Swobo clothing of San Francisco, has decided to collapse his company unless a buyer can be found

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Moulton museum to open

An invite-only lunch will be held next week to announce the forthcoming opening of a new museum containing "engineering artefacts" from the fertile mind of Alex Moulton

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Rakes progress

When you pay £89 for a bike from a catalogue shop you shouldnt expect the forks to be the right way round. Supermarkets often display bikes this way but the mistake rarely makes it into print...

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Raleigh isnt Special any more

Heres two press releases from Raleigh. One concerns Raleigh replacing its Special Products range (RSP) with a high end line of Diamondback product, the other is from the pen of Team Raleigh manager Gary Coltman as he outlines the future strategy of the Derby UK MTB Race team activity from January 2001.

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Giant are Myles better

While the mountain bike race world abounds with rumors of diminishing teams, Giant Bicycles moves quietly to confirm their support of the sport, says a press release from Giant in the US

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Brand new changes at Raleigh

For enthusiasts, the Diamondback name is sexy but Raleigh isn't. From now on Raleigh will not be promoted to hardcore users as Diamondback takes its place

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