Partnerships, acquisitions and investment news throughout the cycling industry

Its sale time…for every retailer

Which IBD doesnt have deep discounts across the board at the moment? But this isnt a problem endemic to the bike trade, the whole of retail is having a lacklustre summer and many mainstream retailers are also cutting their losses and slashing their prices. Could an over-reliance on cars be at the root of the problem?

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OS map now downloadable from GoFar-mtb

Enthusiast website has launched a new series of online route guides featuring downloadable Ordnance Survey route cards. This will create more traffic to the site so take banner ads with us, say the sites creators

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Buy from IBDs, y’buggers

The American equivalent of the ACT has launched a consumer-facing website thats hot on advice on WHY to buy from IBDs and not multiples.

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The 111 Bicycles musical procession seeks sponsor

On Tuesday we carried the story about the 19th November Cambridge Music Festival staging Mauricio Kagels musical-theatrical procession of 111 bicycles. Weve now learnt the Festival organisers are selling sponsorship for each of the works being played during the Festival. Got a spare £1500?

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Ramp up your search engine ranking

According to CommerceNet, more than seven out of 10 surfers turn to search engines to find web sites or products. Its important to come high up the list. How do you do it?

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CoBR reintroduces cheaper membership deal

Associate Membership is back. It costs £120 a year and includes access to the newly negotiated CoBR credit card rate of 1.2 percent but not the bells and whistles benefits of full membership

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