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Pryde comes before a fall

Were the biggest f*cking publisher of bicycle magazines in the UK yet we didnt merit a f*cking mention in your piece on UK bike magazines in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News? Do you call that journalism? Im f*cking staggered!

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Who is SunRace?

The new owner of Sturmey Archer is a high-quality components manufacturer that sees internal hub gears as a growth market

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Hyphens get the heave-ho

Sorry to those folks who had their email addresses rejected by the email checker on the BikeBizCorporate application forms. The problem has now been sorted

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Fat folk gobble hospital cash

Get people fit before they get fat. The National Health Service faces costs of up to £16 billion over the next decade as a result of increasing obesity and related illness, say academics at St Andrews University

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Call a Bike UK

There we went waxing lyrical about the Munich Call-A-Bike scheme (see the November mag) when news about their financial troubles came through. A quick stop-press was added, but now weve been clobbered by Dave Holladay of Custom Folder. Call-A-Bike type schemes have been running in the UK for years, says he

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Sun Race buys Sturmey Archer

The money to secure the deal was wired through last week. The Taiwanese manufacturer now adds internal hub gears to its current line up of mechs and other components

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