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Friedman seminar boosts IBDs confidence

Harry J Friedman, the American retail sales trainer, has so far given two of his four British seminars. On Monday he was in London, on Tuesday in Birmingham. Check what this IBD has to say about what he got out of the London Friedman seminar...and then book your place at the Manchester or Leeds seminars

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Derby/Lenark deal to be investigated by DTI

Thanks to lobbying by Nottingham MP Alan Simpson who is expected to speak his mind in the libel-free House of Commons when it reconvenes next week the Trade Secretary has formally requested the DTI to launch an investigation into the sale of Sturmey Archer

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Read it and weep

This is a colour piece from todays Nottingham Evening Post and brings into sharp focus the human costs of being sold down the river. Youll get angrier as the piece goes on, and the last quote is a killer...

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Why did Derby need to sell Sturmey Archer?

Sturmey Archer made a loss in 1999, the first for years. It was therefore under-performing and had to go. The fact it had an expensive move forced upon it by Derby pocketing the proceeds from the sale of its factory also meant it was now a company with debts

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Front page splash in Sturmeys home town

Todays Nottingham Evening Post leads with a cover story entitled: Broken dreams. Sturmey Archer sold for under £50. This is a safe version of the business editors story on Sturmey Archer, Derby and Lenark. He has tons of much more salicious information and this will be rolled out next week

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Gary Matthews replies…

I said I wouldn't be putting any fresh news up on this site until Wednesday to keep the Sturmey story at the top of the list but here's a new bit. It's an emailed reply from Gary Matthews of Derby Cycle Corporation. He says the BikeBiz coverage is a "fair recounting of the situation"...

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