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BA show latest

The BAs June trade show in Harrogate the International Cycle Convention has 40 exhibitors booked in so far. Heres the latest line-up...

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Cycling’s good for you, Gloria will say

In the US, the cycle trade nearly got a mauling from the Oprah Winfrey show if a researchers questions on the Oprah website was anything to go by (it was slammed down) but here in the UK we're about to get more favourable treatment by Britain's answer to Oprah

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Ruption robbed

Robert Hill of Split Second Imports, the distributor of Ruption bikes, is asking IBDs to be on the lookout for any Ruptions going cheap

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Taiwanese bike manufacturers get the jitters

The Taipei show was awash with rumours, as per usual. It was also a show where the exhibitors were no longer specifying minimum orders. If you can pay promptly, they'll make it for you. Why? Too many global players on open credit terms either can't pay or take for ever to cough up

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Meacher flip-flops on FMD business support

A representative from South Lakeland District Council pleaded poverty on today's 1pm news on Radio Four, saying it should be central government which picks up the tab for compensating businesses adversely affected by foot-and-mouth disease. Meacher moved on the issue...

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On 25th August last year, carried a story about a naming and shaming website that companies could search for late payers. has now been suspended due to technical problems but a UK web agency has created a much cleverer tool that creates a bad smell when anybody types an offending non-payers name into a search engine...

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Muc Off is unique, says X-lite, again

On May 5th last year, ran a story about X-lites cleaning fluid being unique to them and them alone. But reps of companies with rival cleaning fluids prefer not to see it that way...

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Beat FMD restrictions: cycle on golf courses!

No, this site isnt advocating cyclists trespass on those lovely green bits of the countryside inexplicably still open while adjoining rights-of-way are closed. Instead, do your cycling with the Golfcycle...

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REVISED: Derby results delayed

The Derby Cycle Corporation should have filed its full annual report with the US Securities and Exhange Commission (SEC) today, but didn't. However, as expected, headline losses are up.

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