Partnerships, acquisitions and investment news throughout the cycling industry

Schwinn/GT USA is for sale

If you are a regular visitor to the news that Schwinn/GT has been put on the market will come as no surprise. Weve been reporting on the question marks over the US company since earlier in the week. Today joins in and confirms that Questor Partners Fund wants rid of the financially-challenged group

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Bike orgs need to up their FMD efforts

The minimally staffed and underfunded Outdoor Industries Association is being extremely proactive on behalf of its members. Its website is a superb survive FMD resource and now the OIA has written again to the PM, the DTI and the rural task force. This time there are hard facts about how the FMD crisis is biting in the outdoor business. Could the similarly minimally-staffed and underfunded bike orgs take a leaf out of the OIAs book?

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REVISED: Madison MBO is voted down

The shareholders of H Young plc yesterday voted against the board and prevented Madison and Leeda splitting from the group. But it was a close run contest...

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Blue Peter Bikeathon gets kids on bikes

Lets pray for good weather and minor roads free of FMD restrictions on 6th May because thats when thousands perhaps even tens of thousands of children will be getting on their bikes in aid of the Leukaemia Research Fund

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Tescos closer to victory in battle of the brands

Earlier today,the European Court of Justice, considering the 'parallel importing' case between Tescos and jeans brand Levi Strauss, accepted in a landmark ruling that supermarkets and other discounters should have their interests considered.

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