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Should cyclist-hating journos be impaled by global protests?

The London Evening Standard used to enjoy taking a pop at cyclists. Many columinists on other UK newspapers often claim cyclists are the scourge of the roads. In the US, there's a similar problem. But now, in this global village of ours, when a columnist with an email address shoots his/her mouth off about a 'minority group', they can be quickly alerted to the opposite opinion...

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Derby’s life in a goldfish bowl

If you want to raise big money, you’ve got to be listed and be publically accountable. In the US, this means every material change to your business as well as precise trading figures and any bad news, has to be filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission. In the UK, PLCs have to show similar transparency. On May 15th Derby had to reveal it was in default of its repayments to its senior lenders, and then on May 16th the Corporation filed its first quarterly report of 2001

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ICC bin ein Harrogater

The BA's International Cycle Convention, set for June in Harrogate, now has just seven stands left to sell. Yesterday, Raw Experience were the latest company to sign on the dotted line...

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Magicalia ups the ante

With 3500 forum postings a week, is a busy place. Owner Magicalia has just secured its next level of VC funding and – in VC language – is seeking to leverage its brand. To this end a full time sales executive has been hired to sell advertising and sponsorship deals

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D-Day at Derby as S&P downgrade the corporation’s credit rating

Derby's lacklustre financial performance in 2000, today's failure to meet interest payments on senior loans, and uncertainty over Derby's planned 'deleveraging', left international credit ratings agency Standard&Poor's no alternative but to downgrade the corporation's already dire credit rating. The D rating is the lowest rating possible

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The American Electric Vehicle (EV)maker - distributed in the UK by Madison- has asked its shareholders to approve a name change from to just ZAP.

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FMD causes cancellation of Bath and West Show

So? What’s an agricultural show got to do with cycling? Plenty. In a similar fashion to Future’s MBUK on Tour, Giant, SRAM and IPC are the headline sponsors of Pedal Power, a pro-bike roadshow that takes cycling to a non-cycling audience. The first event may be off but there are many more public shows for Pedal Power to strut its stuff at

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Farming for new customers

CoBR lends a hand in the creation of a new adventure sports park, based on former farmland in Buckinghamshire. As well as paramotoring and zorbing, the plastic sphere ride invented in New Zealand, there’s to be an MTB track and a family cycling course.

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