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IBD websites create sticky-factor thanks to Le Tour

Northern IBDs Chevin Cycles and Wheelspin Cycles have added dynamic content to the front pages of their websites. Bike trade-specific web designer Simon Watts designed databases for the IBDs to upload TdF results as they happened

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No sex please, we’re cyclists

Tune in to and you might get a bit more than you bargained for. Instead of the exploits of Lance & Co, you get the sexploits of a bunch of German porn stars

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IBDs can double their Kona sales via new Kona supplier

That’s the view of the directors of Paligap Ltd, a well financed start-up company led by two former employees of Schwinn/GT Europe Ltd. (And if you ever fancied being a Kona stockist but were denied this by Second Level Sport, now’s your chance to get your oar in, Paligap is looking to appoint 50 new IBDs)

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Bike trade to grill transport minister

Tomorrow a delegation from the bike trade will meet with John Spellar, the new minister for transport. Representatives from CTC, ACT, BA, BCF, Sustrans, and National Byway get an hour to bend the minister’s ear

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Tacx debuts PC virtual reality trainer

A normal trainer just hooks up to the frame and rear wheel; the I-Magic trainer from Tacx - distributed by Fisher Outdoor Leisure Plc - also has a handlebar attachment so you can 'steer' around the PC's screen, following the action

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Raw takes on Answer

ATB Sales Ltd has relinquished UK distribution of Manitou forks after brand-owner Answer requested the company re-establish an in-house UK warranty service, which was outsourced by ATB Sales last year

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